Jobba flera på samma artikel

En av de största utmaningarna för WordPress är att flera redaktörer ska kunna jobba på samma artikel samtidigt. Inte i samma block men väl i olika delar. Det händer ofta och särskilt vid live-rapporteringar. En reporter skriver och uppdaterar texten i artikeln. Ettaredaktören skruvar på puffen som ligger på ettan och uppdaterar rubriken. En tredje redaktör lägger till bilder allt eftersom det kommer in.

Det här har vi inte hittat någon lösning på och är ett krav för att kunna använda WordPress hela vägen. Några idéer?


6 thoughts on “Jobba flera på samma artikel

  1. I think that would require a complete rewrite of the editing interface. You would probably also have to introduce a new temporary data layer between the database and the editing interface (to hold the ”dirty” form fields). A really great solution could be built with node.js with updates being pushed realtime to the various fields.

    This is actually one of the challenges of any CMS that is adopted for use in News rooms. They are not built for realtime colloboration on a single news item.

    • Sounds like a challenge. A complete rewrite of the editing interface is not where you want to start 🙂

      It is however a must-have for the workflow on larger news sites. Our current system Escenic has it and I think some of the other systems like Eidos Media also has that feature.

      It would be interesting to hear more in detail how you would solve that. Any suggestions?

      • Yes, Escenic does this really well (one of the few things that I liked about this system :-))

        I haven’t worked with WordPress for years but I would expect the flow to be very simple. There’s a form with all the various fields, there’s a Submit button and then there’s a receiving script that will write all fields to the database on every submit. In contrast Escenic is able to save individual fields.

        You might be able to break up the totality of fields with some before_save_handlers but the real challenge here is the realtime update / lock of fields. In Escenic this works well because the clients are all interconnected (RMI or REST in later version I understand) and updates are pushed instantly to al clients. With a traditionel web app this is hard to achieve unless you utilize e.g. Node.js that are able to maintain active connections. You could also poll (via AJAX) from the editing interface every 30 seconds or so but I think this would not perform very well (at least not if you also wanted to update the content of the fields instead of just locking them.

        You will also need some mechanism to unlock fields – It’s my experience that users very often start typing in a field and then leaves for lunch.

        All in all this is a very complicated plugin for WordPress and I think that could be a show stopper. It’s one of those things that are so central in the architecture that it probably belong in the core of the CMS.


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